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“Experience hassle-free activation with Ibo Player! Firstly, our streamlined process lets you pay and activate the app in under a minute. As a result, you enjoy uninterrupted streaming of your favorite shows and movies instantly. Furthermore, join now for a seamless viewing experience!”

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12 Months – Lifetime

6.99€   –    9.99€

“Enhance your streaming experience with premium licenses for IBO PRO and MAT PLAYER apps. Currently available for purchase, these licenses unlock advanced features and functionalities. Consequently, they elevate your multimedia enjoyment to the next level. Therefore, don’t miss out on the ultimate streaming quality – get your licenses today!”

The application IBO PLAYER is now accessible across multiple platforms, thereby offering you the flexibility to download and enjoy our advanced streaming service wherever you are. Moreover, experience the convenience of multi-platform support with IBO PLAYER today.

Samsung Tizen ibo player

Download ibo player from Tizen Store and USD file Download

LG Tizen ibo player

Download ibo player from LG Store.

Android ibo player

Download ibo player from PlayStore or USD file Download

ios ibo player

Download ibo player from APPSTORE

Windows ibo player

Download ibo player for windows


Discover the power of seamless streaming with IBO PLAYER, a high-performance IPTV player designed for the ultimate viewing experience. Engineered for efficiency and reliability, IBO PLAYER significantly transforms your streaming with lightning-fast playback, extensive content access, and user-friendly features. Additionally, whether you’re a casual viewer or a multimedia enthusiast, IBO PLAYER is your gateway to a world of entertainment without limits. Therefore, experience the difference in IPTV streaming – try IBO PLAYER today. 

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Our app IBO PLAYER is exclusively an advanced IPTV player and does not include any pre-loaded playlists, thus offering you the freedom to customize your streaming experience with your own choice of content. This flexibility allows you to tailor your viewing to suit your preferences perfectly.

Activate and pay for IBO PLAYER quickly and securely for immediate access to premium streaming services.

Activate and pay for your IBO PLAYER app with ease using either a credit card or PayPal. Rest assured, your payment is secured with the latest encryption technology for a safe and worry-free transaction.

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